The Skiffle Billy Cocktail :

Rudy Vincents : leadvocals,guitars

Hans Maria : Guitar,vocals

Pickwick : drums

Erno Cecilius : bass

Robert Edward : backup vocals,harmonica

Jo Dane : backup vocals

Josh Oppenheim : backup vocals

Countrybeat,Folkpunk somewhere there in that rocky landscape they stroll around and play their Hillbilly Rock’olla Skiffle Rag.

In the Port of Rotterdam Rudy Vincents

formed this group in 2008 by 2012 he looked for backup singers and formed The Sonic Smarties to back up his music. The Sonics are that good that sometimes the group is ‘backing them up’. Check them out on spotfy Itunes and Youtube and come back here to get the real hardware like cd’s,vinyl+cd and T-shirts

The Skiffle Billy Cocktail released 3 albums :

  1. -Billy Budha & The Crazy Curse Of The Red Mustang (2012)

Recorded & mixed at rudyspaintingplant and Newland Studio by Theo Olsthoorn

Produced by Theo Olsthoorn & Rudy Vincents. Artwork Ruud Goedhart

  1. -The Centrifugal Charisma Of The Cowboy Chaos & The Collapse Of Charlatan Chaos (2016)

Recorded & mixed & Produced at TCCOCellar workplace and Newland Studio By Theo Olsthoorn & Rudy Vincents

Artwork Vinyl+cd Joost Halbertsma

  1. -Hatshakers (2018)

Recorded & mixed by Rudy Vincents and Theo Olsthoorn

Produced by Rudy Vincents

Artwork Ruud Goedhart

Photography Willem de Roon

Contact :

Ruud Goedhart +31640483662


Photo : Willem de Roon

The Skiffle Billy Cocktail

The Skiffle Billy Cocktail


Slams Review wrote :

The Skiffle Billy Cocktail just may be one of the most unique bands out there. Hell you be hard pressed to describe their sound.

Someone described them as " Hillbilly Rock'olla Skiffle Rag". what is for sure is that these Kats probably aren't in your wheelhouse but man their damn good and given the chance you'll probably dig them. Back in 2012 they released the stellar debut " Billy Budha & The Crazy Curse Of The Red Mustang" an album you should check out. The follow up in 2016 is the sophomore effort "The Centrifugal Charisma Of The Cowboy Cosmos & The Collapse Of Charlatan Chaos". Once again they defy convention with a mix bag of 13 tracks of Kool styles and sounds. From country , roots ,rock, blues , doowop and a whack more. Throw in some great harmonies and the result is one damn good infectious romp that surfy will grow on you. This is one of those albums that has you tapping your foot and you don't realize it. Highlights include :" Patchouly Punk" ," My Lasergun" , "Your Blue Day Survival" and "Rocco Blanco"

Chances are "The Centrifugal Charisma Of The Cowboy Cosmos & The Collapse Of Charlatan Chaos" will go under the wire and that's really a shame. The Skiffle Billy Cocktail are a pretty kool band that blaze their own path and this is one damn good album that you should give a chance. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommended !!!

With the brand new album " Hatshakers" they continue doing where they're good at :  shakin' their hats ! and probably yours too !